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Sewing Machine Operator

The sewing machine operator is a job role in stitching section committed to the task of stitching of components into final knit garments.

BriefJobDescription::FabricSewingMachineOperator(Knits),alsocalleda‘Stitcher orMachinist’isanimportantjob-roleassociatedwithApparel,Made-UpsandHome Furnishing Industry and their manufacturing sector making knit garments. The primary responsibility of sewing machine operator (knits) is to stitch/sew knit fabrics with due care to convert them into garment andapparel.


Personal Attributes: The sewing machine operator (knits) should have good eyesight, eye-hand-leg coordination, motor skills and clear vision. He/she should also have good interpersonal skills, be open to learning, have basic understanding of measurements.

Sewing Machine Operator

Job Role Sewing Machine Operator – Knits
Role Description To stitch knits panels cut as per techpack/specifications into complete knitted garment, made-ups and home furnishing products
NSQF level 4
Minimum Educational Qualifications&Maximum EducationalQualifications* Standard V&N.A
Qualifications Training(Suggested but not mandatory) NotApplicable
Minimum Job Entry Age 18 Years
Experience Preferably having worked 3-6 months of experience working in garment , made-ups and home furnishing factory