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Jeyram Educational Trust

Assistant Electrician

This job role install stemporary lighting arrangement necessary for construction activities and carries out basic electrical wiring installations (LV) at temporary/permanent structures.

Brief Job Description: Assistant Electrician will be assisting level-4 electrician or superior in electrical work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of temporary LV electrical connections at the construction sites and permanent connections at residential and commercialbuildings.TheindividualwillbeengagedinlayingconduitsforLVsinglephase wiring with appropriate selection and use of hand and power toolsefficiently.


Personal Attributes: The job holder is expected to be physically fit and should be able to work across various locations in withstanding extreme conditions while working at the site; well versed with tasks and functions of basic electrical work. The person must be able to work within a team, handle the various tools and materials related to electrical work safely, consciously and take responsibility for own work.

Assistant Electrician

Job Role Assistant Electrician
Experience Desirable:1. Non trained worker : 5 years site experience in same occupation2. Trained worker : 3 years site experience as a certified Helper Electricianlevel-2
Minimum Educational Qualifications&Maximum EducationalQualifications* Preferably 10th Class&N.A
Minimum Job Entry Age 18 years
NSQF level 3
Role Description Responsible for performing basic electrical installation of LV cables/ wirings and their maintenance at construction sites, temporary and permanent structures.
Training(Suggested but not mandatory) Recommended training period of 12-16 weeks as per QP of Assistant Electrician level-3.