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Jeyram Educational Trust

Training Centers

Classroom / Instructor - Led Training

This is the traditional method JET Skills follow the Instructor – led training , which remains one of the most popular training techniques for trainers

o Whiteboard : The most ” old – fashioned ” method , but still effective , especially if we invite trainees to write on the board or ask for feedback that you write on the board .

o Overhead projector : This method is increasingly being replaced with PowerPoint presentations , trainees are more attentive for these sessions , which are less manually demanding .

o Video portion : Lectures broken up with video portions that explain sections of the training topic or that present case studies for discussion .

o PowerPoint presentation : Trainees can also use the programs individually , which allows for easy make – up sessions who miss the group session . This method is one of the most popular lecture methods and combined with handouts and other interactive methods . This technique makes communication easier since it is nonthreatening with no one right answer .

Interactive Methods

This method allows the trainers to give the participants missing information and allows students to form skills of professional and appropriate behavior in the performance of professional tasks . The advantage of training is that it ensures the active involvement of all students in the process of training .

Training can provide preparation for professional communication and collaboration , execution of organi -zational or supervisory functions , etc

JET Skills with this method designed to ensure that the participants share their impressions and feelings and express their wishes . Summing up can involve filling the ” sheet of revelation , ” letters , questionnaires or surveys . An important component of this training is the documentation of the student’s progress , e.g. , via photography . While summing up , these photos can be viewed to remind how the work was proceeding .

Thus , training efficiently forms students ‘ professional competence through establishing a confident and comfortable environment and the possibility of practically drilling the steps that are essential for future professional activities in general .

Training Content

a . JET Skills ensures innovative content development with the support of relevant industries support from experts to ensure the appropriate Skills are adopted and identifying the employ -ability opportunities available as per current industry practices

b . Apart from the regular domain curriculum , we have developed industry – based modules based on the industry requirement . Some additional requirement added to increase the standard of the course . The content is in Bi – lingual i.e. , both in English & Regional languages ( Tamil ) will be ensured to enable better understanding of the youth , who may not have exposure to English

c . JET Skills will mandatorily introduce modules on basic IT training and communication skills in training module . Similarly for ladies participant and for their relevant filed , computer training will be given so that it increases awareness about their filed as well as help in increasing the market linkage

d . The training course will include few lectures / videos presentations / previous success stories / inspirational speeches etc. for the development of the positive attitude , motivation etc.

e . The course has the personality development module for the development of verbal / non – verbal communication skills , etiquettes building , posture and gesture control , control of emotions while speaking , intonation control etc.

Blended Learning

This is one of the method JET Skills follows for training that combines both formal ( traditional classroom ) and non – formal ( online courses ) methodologies . Blended learning represents a model that integrates technology to boost learning and deliver conceptual impact .

a . We can easily combine classroom trainings with pre – registered courses and organize a live training online so our trainees will be up to date with everything .

b . Everybody will be on the same page before even starting the in – class training . We send them the reading materials , videos and pre – course questionnaires so they can come prepared for the next session

c . Our Trainees constantly connected to the content . They can even download courses so they can access them without internet access if necessary

d. Analyse the activity of our trainees and see where they are excelling and where they are struggling .

This way we can optimize the content accordingly This approach is working well because the variety of approaches keeps trainers and trainees engaged in training . Blended learning is simply makes a lot of sense .

Quality , Monitoring , Review & Reporting

Quality Insepection

a . JET SKILLS has an Independent in – house Quality Team ( QT ) with minimum 2-3 members , will be directly monitored by the CEO . The main roles of the QT is to inspect the Training Centres and ensures the readiness of the Infrastructure , Tools & Equipments , Amenities , Safety measures , etc. , as per the demand of the Project Management Unit ( PMU ) . The QT will submit the detailed inspection report to the top – level committee of JET Skills , and the committee will give clearance after going through the Physical / Visual verification of the facility for implementing the particular Scheme / Program . This is to ensure and satisfy whether the Training Centers has made adequate arrangement for implementing the particular training program / scheme .

b . As per the SOP , our QT will periodically report to the concern Project Management Unit ( PMU ) regarding the Mobilization , Start & End dates of the batches , attendance , status of training activities and Seek for the necessary Guidance and Approvals from the PMU

c . The QT visits the training location in the initial period , during and at the end of training program for evaluating the quality of the training program and its standard including interacting with the trainees and trainers . The QT will provide the observations / feedback to the CEO , and take necessary actions if anything lacking for the smooth functioning of the Training related activities .

TOT Certified Trainers

Our Trainers are assessed through the Training of Trainers ( ToT ) a program for the development of training delivery skills of those who wish to become trainers in the sector of their preference and aligns them with the National Skill Qualification Framework ( NSQF ) anchored at NSDA under the leadership of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship ( MSDE ) , Govt . of India .

The TOT program is to introduce the trainers to the changing space of training in the country . We understand it is important for the existing and aspiring trainers to be up – to – date with all these developments . JET Skills motive is every trainer must deliver great results only when he / she under -stands the basics and is able to cater to needs of the learners .