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Jeyram Educational Trust


Telecom Sector Skill Council, commonly known as TSSC was set up to develop & boost skills & productivity in Telecom Sector of India (one of the largest employment generating sector of the nation). TSSC runs under the aegis of the prestigious National Skill Development Council (NSDC) and is a joint venture of The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE) and Indian Cellular Association (ICA). Telecom Sector has already employed 30 lakh professionals and the TSSC aims to train, certify & employ 45 lakh more personnel in 150 different trades in the next 10 years. Apart from that, Telecom Sector Skill Council will facilitate training 2400 trainers and acquire 500 training partners to achieve world class excellence in Telecom sector.

We at TSSC not only focus on the issues and themes concerning the telecom industry but also elicit reviews on the progress of our own work. Incidentally, the new year has reiterated the value of the Telecom Sector. We have acted as the backbone of the economy in the post-COVID era. The unprecedented expansion of the industry coupled with upcoming technologies like cloud computing and IoT has created new dimensions for expansion of the business. Having been a part of the telecom sector for a long time, I know that there is immense potential for future generations to adopt this industry and take it to new heights. The workforce is the propellant for the industry, and it is our job as leaders of the industry to find ways to improve this ecosystem.

Ours is a young nation and providing direction to the youth is one of the greatest contributions that I can make. We take great pride in what we have already achieved and expect much more from the generations to come. These schemes have immense potential to accelerate the further growth of the telecom sector and in turn, provide the youth with the tools necessary to empower themselves. Lastly, I must also appreciate my colleagues for putting their heart and soul in this organization.