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Jeyram Educational Trust




NSDC has followed a cluster based approach for the coverage of this programme across the country. To ensure a mix of districts with different levels of skill based developmental activities clusters have been created keeping in mind their socio-economic, demographic and skill based training abilities. Clustering has not been done in the North Eastern states, Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territories due to the challenges faced in these areas. This will also ensure maximum participation of the skill based training agencies.


The PMKK centres are divided into three categories based on the district population. Each category has a different minimum area requirement. The three categories A, B and C will have a minimum centre size of 8000, 5000 and 3000 sq ft respectively. The population in these categories is above 4 lakh for category A, 1-4 lakh for category B and less than 1 lakh for category C.

The PMKK centres have to follow the branding specifications provided by NSDC for colour specifications, designs and templates etc.

The training centres have to be easily accessible to people, located close to a main road and well connected by public transport with adequate lighting and movement of people.

Similarly there are specifications laid out by NSDC/MSDE for the equipment in the centres, hostel facilities, classrooms, counselling and placement services etc.

Training delivery

Following are some of the parameters for training delivery in terms of expectations to be met by the trainers, the trainees and other specifications.
All trainers hired should have a minimum specified academic qualification and minimum experience as per the SSC. The centre should have sufficient amount of trainers and in addition to the course trainers one soft skills and English trainer and faculty for employment readiness also should be available in every centre.
The trainees also have to meet the specified eligibility criteria for every skill program at the time of admission. Guidelines are provided for the duration and quality of the courses provided.
Assessment and Certification is the responsibility of bodies recognised by NSDC/MSDE. The assessment has to be done within a week of the course completion and the certificates issued in the next 7 days.
Those who complete the training successfully will be provided with placement assistance and on the job training also included part of the training program.
NSDC is developing a central database to monitor the project implementation. A dedicated website with information regarding the project, updates, guidelines and MIS is being developed.