Individuals in this job receive and make telephone calls which are primarily scripted, basic and routine with the assistance of a computerised system. They answer inquiries, resolve problems, record complaints and/or receive feedback.

Data Entry Operator

Individuals are responsible to provide daily work reports and work on daily hour bases. The individual is responsible for electronic entry of data from the client side to the office site or vice-versa. Individual tasks vary depending on the size and structure of the organization.

Desktop Publisher

This job requires the individual to put research reports into standard templates. These templates could be in flash, macromedia, Acrobat or html.

Hardware Engineer

Professionals in this role are responsible for design, development and testing of product hardware, including computer systems, and circuit boards.

Junior Software Developer

Individuals in this job are assigned one of the many entry level roles in the software industry including support and help desk, testing, user interaction design, maintenance, enhancement, development and documentation. They are responsible for assisting in performing the key activities and tasks involved in the assigned role.