Vision Technician

Vision Technician performs administrative and certain clinical duties. Administrative duties include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records and clinical duties include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, and dispensing ophthalmic prescription.

Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy Assistant in the Healthcare Industry is also known as a Pharmacy Technician and Pharmaceutical Care Associate. Pharmacy Assistants work under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist and perform many pharmacy-related functions. They refer any questions regarding prescriptions, drug information, or health matters to a pharmacist. Technicians review prescriptions or requests for refills that they receive from patients and nurse.

Diabetes Educator

Health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes through communication, counselling and education. Individuals in this job are involved in understanding the impact of health behaviour and lifestyle on acute and chronic problems of diabetes and provide a comprehensive, cost effective and self-care management plan.

Home Health Aide

They provide routine individualized healthcare to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities at the patient's home. Monitor or report changes in health status. Provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming of patient.

Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

Individuals at this job need to provide emergency medical support and care to individuals who are critically ill or injured and transport them to a medical facility within stipulated time limits.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant provides support to the dentist to perform dental procedures in a timely, efficient and safe manner. Dental assistant prepares for and supports patients for treatment, and assists the Dentist with clinical procedures.

General Duty Assistant

Individual on the job provides patient care and help maintain a suitable environment. Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant are to provide patient’s daily care, patient’s comfort, patient’s safety and patient’s health needs.

Medical Laboratory Technician

The Medical laboratory technicians perform complex tests for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. These professionals are responsible for supporting and assisting doctors/ scientists in their day to day working in a variety of roles. They function as the main support to biomedical scientists in pathology laboratories.

Medical Technician (Basic)

This job role requires individual to install, maintain and repair patient care equipment. They perform inspection, installation, and preventative maintenance of general clinical equipment, including appropriate documentation for all service activities and training the hospital staff.